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Welcome to NORICA Pension

The Norica Pension is located in southern Transylvania, in a village called Gura Râului, approximately 18 km south-west from Sibiu.

The village is of the oldest, richest and most beautiful establishments in an area historically known to  romanians as "Mărginimea Sibiului" - which roughly translated means just that: the outskirts of Sibiu.

This area has a unique ethnological, cultural, architectural and historical heritage, which - along with the beautiful places that surround us and our hospitality - are the things we are inviting you to experience at NORICA Pension.


News & events:

01 Dec 2015 | 17:00

Well, it's been a while since we started working on a revamped version of our website. We're back online now, photo gallery still being updated, but otherwise everything on the website should be nice and responsive.

Thank you for your pacience.

01 Sep 2015 | 06:35

This is a special offer for those willing to break away from the daily grind a get five days of vacation during the working days of the week. That means starting on Sunday afternoon till Friday morning.

 Just imagine: no rush hours, peace and tranquillity, a beautiful natural setting ...